April 2016  
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kindergarten registration
April 25-29
n Registration
Students must be five
years old on or before
September 30, 2016.
Please bring child's birth certificate,
social security card, shot records,
and parent
/guardian's proof of
residency (ex: electric bill).

Please note:
Pre-K students that are currently
enrolled at K.R. Hanchey and
have attended Pre-K during the
2015-2016 school year are
already enrolled in Kindergarten
for the 2016-2017 school year.
No additional paperwork is required,
however those Pre-K students will
need to complete testing for
Kindergarten.  This testing will take
place the week of August 9-12
Parents are asked to call the
school office (463-4479)
between noon and 2 p.m. during
the week of Kindergarten
Registration (April 25-29), to
schedule their child's testing time.

American Flag
April 28
•Month of the Military
Child Celebration - Everyone
wears purple shirts.
•Custodian Appreciation Day
•Mrs. Buxton's &
Ms. McDaniel's Pre-K classes
visit the Alexandria Zoo

Louisiana Program
April 29
•First Grade Louisiana Program
at 1:00
•Cafeteria Appreciation Day
•Mrs. Flores, Mrs. Reynolds,
Mrs. Sanders & Mrs. Maylen's Pre-K
classes go to Chuck E. Cheese

May 2
Accelerated Reader Night Lab
for 1st Graders
Computer Lab on Hall B (Red Hall)
open for Accelerated Reader
3:15 to 5:15.

Click on the link below
for more information:
Accelerated Reader

May 6

Last day to earn AR points.

May 11
school nurse

May 24
Last Day for Students

May 25
Last Day for Teachers

Baby Dragon

Blue Line
Mr. Joseph, Mr. Clay,
Mr. Miller & Mrs. Mary

thank you
You make K.R.Hanchey SPARKLE!

Blue Line


Blue Line
AR Night Lab

Blue Line

100th Day of School

Blue Line
Harvey Rabbit

Blue Line

Teacher of the Year

Blue Line

Partners in Education

Blue Line

KRH Expectations

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